You’re having a hard time getting any traction in the surface design industry.

You’ve been creating art, learning the programs, making art through challenges and classes, and slowly trying to figure out how to make a bit of profit off your portfolio, but despite your best efforts, nothing is happening. 

It's time to FIND YOUR FOCUS.

In the Find your Focus Masterclass you'll learn:

  • The Magic of Niching Down: Crack the code to unlock career opportunities
  • Exploring Product Categories: An experienced walk through product types and their unique traits
  • Choosing Your Path: How to decide what fits best in your portfolio and career journey
  • Dive Deeper, Win Bigger: Use a game-changing market exploration technique
  • Revamp Your Art: Effortlessly enhance your existing creations for maximum impact
  • FAQs : Answer all the questions you've got on finding focus

At the end of the masterclass, you’ll be excited to choose a target market, have clarity on which product category you want to move forward with this year, and you’ll have all the tools to make your portfolio shine for that client base.