Are you an aspiring surface pattern designer starting to navigate the world of paid design work- either through freelance clients or licensing deals?

Have you been holding back on actively seeking out work because you’re unsure of how to protect your rights if you do connect with a great opportunity?

Or maybe you’ve already completed a few jobs, but you’ve quickly realized you need contracts in place and now you’re scrambling to find something useful without finding and paying for a lawyer to help you through the process. 

Don’t worry, that’s what I’m here for. 


This Contract Kit is specially designed for freelance surface pattern designers and artists who license their work.

These easy to use templates were a collaborative effort between a seasoned attorney well-versed in copyright law for artists- Jason Aquilino of Aquilino Law - and a working surface designer based on years of freelance and licensing experience.

They’re designed to save you time, protect your interests, and ensure smooth collaborations with your clients.  

Whether you're just starting out or have been in the industry for years, having the right contracts in place is crucial for a stress-free design business.


Protect yourself today!

Not only have I been using contracts for years in my business, but I’ve been offering a version of these templates through my course Start Your Surface pattern Business for almost 4 years. From my own experiences and the stories of my students, having clear contracts in place makes things easy. 

Don't let legal concerns hold you back from thriving as a freelance surface pattern designer or art licensing artist.

Protect yourself with the Surface Pattern Pro Contract Kit today and take control of your Surface Pattern Design business with confidence!


What’s included in this kit?
  • [Hourly] Design Services Agreement: Perfect for freelance work billed by the hour.
  • [Flat Rate] Design Services Agreement: Ideal for flat-fee projects with clear scope definitions.
  • Invoice Template: Simplify billing with a professional invoice format.
  • Design License Agreement: Manage licensing agreements with ease, whether royalty-based or flat rate.
  • Artwork Submission Agreement: Protect your art when submitting it to manufacturers for presentations.
  • Clear definitions of all terms and descriptions of what situations you may use each contracts. 
  • Video walkthrough of how to edit templates for your business.
What format are the template files?

Templates are provided as downloadable Microsoft Word Docs AND linked to Google Docs.

Microsoft Word Docs can be edited in Word or Apple Pages, and Google Docs are web-based and can be edited with a Google account. In the video walkthrough I show you how to edit these documents with your own information. 

Are these contracts only useful for artists in the United States?

I presented this FAQ to Jason Aquilino, the copyright lawyer who prepared these documents. He said “Without knowing the ins and outs of every country - for example, Sweden may require every contract to be in Swedish, or may require contracts to be notarized or signed with a special requirement like "Signed under Seal" - we have no idea what nuances different countries may have.

However, every country should generally respect and honor the language of a properly drafted contract - meaning, what the contract says is what the parties have agreed upon and that will be honored anywhere. I have dealt with many international transactions, and I can say that a contract is generally a contract and even a good contract drafted in the US should be better than no contract or even a poorly drafted contract by a citizen of that other country.”

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: These agreements are provided as a standard contract template for your reference only. While this template has been prepared by an attorney, your situation and business arrangement may be different from the arrangement contemplated when this form was created. Your country may have different requirements for legal contracts. Your use may require the removal or inclusion of additional terms that are relevant for your arrangement. The provider of this form recommends that you always seek legal counsel before entering into contractual relationships.

Purchasing this course confirms you agree to the course terms of use.

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