Create Successful Art Licensing Collections

Have you discovered a love for pattern design? You've decided that your art is something that you want to get on products. It would be perfect for quilting fabric, notebooks, lunch totes, or wall art.

You've been looking into art licensing and it seems like a great avenue to pursue. Totally. I love that for you.

But you’re finding as you build your licensing portfolio you’re hitting a lot of stumbling blocks. 

ornament set

quilting fabric collection

gift bag collection

But if you're coming into designing for product from another background, I’m guessing you’re often wondering why your patterns don’t seem to be getting any attention from art directors. 

Or maybe your great ideas aren’t quite translating into a beautiful finished design. You’re not really sure what makes a good design, collection or overall portfolio. In short, you keep getting stuck. 

I get it. 

That’s why I’m hyped to share my decades of experience in creating SALEABLE art in my course Successful Licensing Collections.

I’ll take you step-by-step through :

  • Finding marketable themes
  • Understanding trends
  • Choosing strong palettes and formats based on your end goal
  • My system to approaching your design drafts that will help you be your own art director. 
  • Building on what you have to create a marketable portfolio, without overthinking it.

You can't get into art licensing if you don't have a portfolio, and this course helps you with just that problem. 

"Learning to really critique my designs at a granular level using Elizabeth’s checklist was so helpful. Now I’m more aware of the power of evergreen themes, and am less afraid of my work being too trendy! I’m also doing more conscious planning with a clear sense of the end goal, as opposed to just making stuff and hoping it works together. This whole class was concise, concrete and actionable."
-Dara Dworman @momokin_design

Get started on a marketable design collection today

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this class start?

When you enroll, you’ll have immediate access to all 4 modules and a bunch of downloadable resources. You can watch the videos and complete the assignments at your own pace. 

What design skill level is this course for?

I don’t teach students how to create art or put designs into a repeat in this course. 

I assume you’ve learned HOW to create art, this course will help you take those skills and hone them for products and art licensing.

Is this course only for art licensing?

That was the original idea, but truthfully, this course will teach you how to make saleable art for products, whether that’s for Print on Demand sites, to build your skills for a full-time design job, or to sell your prints outright to clients who manufacture goods. 

Is this course only for pattern designers?

Nope, anyone who's looking to make art for products. I design greeting cards and wall art as well and my collections often have stand-alone illustrations paired with my patterns, so even if repeats are not your jam, you can still improve your work through this course.

"This class is just what I've been searching for. It's so difficult to find information on getting started with licensing. Elizabeth is a wealth of information and provides clear, actionable steps to help build your portfolio and begin your licensing journey."
-Jayme Sloan @jaymesloan

"Although I have experience in editorial, kids books, and wall art, the world of surface design and collections was still a bit of a mystery to me. The PDFs are GOLD: well organized, clear and concise. The Guide to Self-Assess Your Artwork is genius. Elizabeth's teaching style is exactly what I was looking for — clear, practical, actionable. Best gift to myself as I navigate this next chapter of my art career."

- Sirin Thada @sirinthadastudio

"As a result of this class, I already have two collection ideas laid out with motifs I want to explore, and have started working on one. I can already tell I'm going to be much faster in creating collections, and less likely to get hung up on details that no one else would either notice or care about. I’ll be going back to the PDFs and exercises over and over."
-Dana Batho @peacockandfig

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